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ConsCAD Archi 

ConsCAD Archi

ConsCAD Ar offers :

- Quick demo creation of building using BIM (Building information modeling).
- Easily create Architect specific elements like Plinth, slab, wall, Landing/ loft, Stairs, Roofs etc.
- Wizard specific to Architect application.
- Material and Texture.
- Dimensioning for each views.
- Features of 3D and 2D.


* Please see ReadMe file for Trial license key and to set font file path


ConsCAD-Archi allows easy creation of Architect specific Elements like:

  • Construct Plotplan with boundary wall.
  • Construct Building with plan grid.
  • A multiple plinth can be constructed now or at the later stage from the wizard.
  • Construct floor with default height. Height of individual floors can be changed.
  • Construct of Slab. An individual slab can be created for each floor. Slab can be modified using Polyline modifier in edit to  move vertices or segments, delete vertices, insert new vertex (Split line segment), Line segment to an Arc or An Arc to line segment.
  • Slab hole for lifts etc.
  • Marking of Carpet for Rooms, Balcony, Bathrooms, toilet etc. identification.
  • Wall with wall opening for Window and Door. Auto Glass / panel applied to the opening.
  • Curtain (Glass) wall
  • Construct Landing  for stairs.
  • Constructs column (Cuboid or cylindrical) from foundation to the terrace. Each column is a linked column with a unique number. When a column position is modified, it applies to all the floors. Change in column dimension can be applied to all the floors or an individual floor.
  • Beam (Cuboid or Arc) applied for individual floors.
  • Stairs (Rectangle or Circular)
  • Weathershed for individual outer wall.
  • Roofs for the terrace.
  • Window – Door panel for wall opening (If not added while creating wall opening.)

ConsCA-Archi  Wizard allows complex operations through Wizards,  like :

  • Move, Rotate or remove the entire building.
  • Insert, remove or change plinth level once the floors are constructed. Change in plinth will be reflected on the floors. E.g. if a new plinth level added, all the floors will be shifted up by the thickness of the new plinth.
  • Copy floor elements allows ease of creating similar floors. E.g. floor 1 can be finished with Slab, Slab holes, Walls with window-Doors, Stairs etc. and can be copied to other floors. In many cases where similar floor exists, this feature helps in quick multi-floors building.
  • Remove floor elements, removes all the elements from that floor for ease of creating new elements. (But the floor still exists)
  • Insert floor adds new floor. Remove floor, deletes the floor with all its element. This operation auto adjusts the height of the further floors.
  • Edit Column allows to modify column for individual floor or all the floors.
  • Delete column removes the column from the entire building.
  • Create exterior wall, Creates walls around Slab. With option of Lintel/ Sill or Weathershed, applied to all the walls.
  • Create curtain walls, Creates glass walls around Slab.
  • Create Compound wall, creates wall around the plot plan.
  • Slice the Wall: Allows to slice the wall for break of wall.
  • Change Vertical wall Height or Position, Change selective wall height or position. Helpful for Balcony.
  • Attach shapes to wall (Outside of wall), makes the outside of selected wall to front,  for easy attachment of 3D shapes. E.g. to attach cuboid on outside of wall.
  • Attach shapes to wall (Inside of wall), makes the inside of selected wall to front,  for easy attachment of Interior, 3D shapes. E.g. to attach furniture ply on inside of wall.
  • Attach Glass / panel to wall opening, allow to attach glass/ panel, if the wall opening created without it.
  • Join weathershed : Helps to seal the end of selective, manual weathershed drawn with wall.
  • Filters to view building and floors with selective floor elements.
  • Material And Texture, defined  for Architect elements


Some common features:

  • Material And Texture.
  • Feature of file save and retrieve.
  • Edit material of shape, Polyline modifier, wall opening dimension, Remove wall opening.
  • Drawing export to .bmp file.
  • Insert library, Section cutting plane, Building grid.
  • Set UCS (User coordinate system) and Depth of working plane for each view.
  • Dimensioning for each view. Enable / Disable view of dimensions.
  • Create 3D parametric shapes like cuboid, sphere, Cylinder ….
  • Create 3D shapes from operations like Extrude, Loft, Lath, Ring, Helix, Sweep, Trace.
  • Document template for publishing drawing.
  • Hotkeys for frequently used features. E.g. ‘w’ key to switch between wireframe and solid. ‘a’ key to swit


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