ConsCAD design software

ConsCAD 2 D 

ConsCAD - 2D

- Creates basic 2D shapes.

- Allows to do operations for 2D shape.

- Group Management Tool.

- Library Management Tool.

- Document Template.

- Dimensioning .

ConsCAD­2D facilitates to

  • Creates basic 2D shapes like Lines, Polylines, PolyArea, Polygons, Circles, Arcs, Rectangles, Ellipse, Parabola, Hyperbola, Point, Text, Table, Bezier Spline.
  • Allows to do operation like move, rotate, Trim, line extend, Replica on 2D shapes.
  • Group Management Tool: Create child or sibling group. Rename, Remove, Copy/ Cut – paste of Group.
  • Library Management Tool: User can create library of Shapes to be used later as reference of direct inclusion. These tools allows to create Library from Group. Edit / Remove of Library. Insert Menu allows use of Library as reference or direct inclusion as group. User can Import / Export library from File Menu.
  • Document Template : Allows Drawing/ Company information template for drawing.
  • Dimensions: Allows user to display Appropriate  parameters of shapes.

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